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My Negative Ion Necklace has finally arrived :)

In case some of you are wondering what exactly is negative ion and why am I so excited over this necklace. Well, if you are Singaporean (or Malaysian or Indonesian etc), I'm sure you are aware of the recent haze problem that has been hovering our skies over the past few weeks with the air pollution index way over the normal healthy level.

A lot of us are busy buying masks to protect us from the unbearable air while others buy air-ionizers for homes and office use. I prefer more lasting and portable solution so I did some research on google and found 2 type of products that fit my requirement. 1st is negative ion products, the other is orgonite products. For this article, I'll touch on what negative ion products are and their benefit.

First, let's recap on our science lesson or refer to the "What is Metaphysics?" article. As shown in the atom image, all atom consist of electron (-ve), proton (+ve) and neutron.Hence Negative Ion is simply negative charged ions or atom with an extra electron. Do you remember the refreshing feeling you experienced near a waterfall, on a beach or after your shower ?

Negative ions are created in nature with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation, moving air or water while negative ions are created during shower by impact of water on the body which causes splitting of neutral particles of air, freeing electrons which attach to other air molecules causing a negative charge. Normal ion counts in fresh country air is 2,000 to 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre. At a large waterfall, the negative ions count can reach up to 100,000 while polluted air such as cities, factories or offices might have less than 100 negative ions per cubic centimetre, it is no wonder why people who work long time in offices tend to get sick more easily.

Positive ions are discharged by electrical appliances, e.g. computers, cell phones, radio, television etc and causing severe damage on a cellular level, often attributed to fatigue, negative moods, and in short harmful to our overall health.

What are negative ions products made of ?

Tourmaline, Germanium and Bio Ceramic are generally the components made up for producing negative ions and best of all, their effects last a lifetime !


Germanium is a chemical element with symbol Ge and atomic number 32. Purified germanium is a semiconductor element that efficiently responds to infrared light. 


The word tourmaline takes its origins from the Sinhalese phrase "turamali" meaning "stone mixed with vibrant colours" and is classified as semi-precious stone. This powerful stone is known to change its colour in different forms of light. Some say that there are no two tourmalines with the exact same colour, and for this reason it has been historically revered as a "magic" stone.

Ok, so now we have some understanding of negative ions, what good does it do for us ?

Negative ions enhance our moods, stimulate our senses, improve appetite, sleep, blood circulation, sexual drive, provide relief from hay fever, sinusitis, migraines, improve our immune system, promote alpha waves and increased brain wave amplitude which results in higher awareness level. Wow, it's like popping in 100 different kinds of vitamin pills ! 

The following are some of the tests report before and after wearing negative ions product.

Test 1
Before wearing any negative ion product
Red blood cells are sticking together. If red blood cells are sticking together, blood circulation is slow and it is bad for our health.
After wearing negative ion product
Red blood cells aren't sticking together. If red blood cells are separated, it makes blood circulation easier, and of course, it is better for our health.
Test 2
Before wearing any negative ion product
Normal body temperature.
After wearing negative ion product (bracelet)
The negative ions improve blood circulation, metabolism is enhanced and body temperature goes up.

Health Benefit of Far Infrared and Negative Ions (Anions)

Are you inspired to gift yourself, love ones and friends some negative ion products ?

Well, I have a good news for you, I'll be doing a campaign in the next few days to bring more awareness of the wonderful effects of negative ion and will be giving away 3 negative ion products. The details of the contest and the gift prizes will be announced later, so stay tuned. :)

*Update (31 July 2013): Noproblem Ion Balance will be sponsoring the 3 prizes and participate in the campaign. Read about the details here

Meanwhile, you may shop around my eStore and see if there's any negative ion products which you fancy.
Just key in negative ion in the search box and press the Go button and the whole series of negative ion products will be displayed. 

Enjoy your eShopping !


To your health, abundance and infinite ability,

Writer: Ang Tze Wei

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Noproblem Ion Balance Power Ball Plaster (P029)
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