Energy, energy everywhere....

By now, we know that every thing in it's lowest denomination is simply energy and in the previous article ( Energy Music that shields EMFs ) we realise that when music contain some form of "invisible" energy, it can have an effect on us. Referring back to the 1st property of energy,  
Energy can be transferred from one object to another, and in this case, the "invisible" energy in the music is transferred to us which helps to shield against EMFs. Even though we can't see this energy, we can experience the effect by conducting the same experiment shown in the video.

OK, so far so good, we are progressing well on our metaphysics education. Let's move on to explore more on the mysteries of life.

The age old question "What is my life purpose and destiny ?" 

I'm sure most of us are aware of some forms of divination, e.g. face reading, palm reading, tortoise shell divination (yup, even using tortoise shell and coins can glimpse into the secrets of your life) etc. What I am going to cover is using Numerology to provide you with a glimpse into your life purpose and destiny. So what is this Numerology I am talking about ? It is simply using numbers to derive the energetics of matter. Hence, your date of birth and name is actually a clue to your personality and potential in this life time.

Why and how does divination work ? 

Divination works because everything in the universe vibrates at it's frequency, hence your thoughts, words, date of birth, name etc and yes, even this blog's content has it's own vibration frequency. Each frequency has it's own meaning associated with it, and in Numerology, your date of birth and name is calculated and reduced to single digit 1 to 9 except for special master numbers like 11, 22.

I will cover the calculation involved in the next article using my date of birth and name as an example.

To be continued......

To your health, abundance and infinite ability,

Writer: Ang Tze Wei

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