Wow, I hear you shouting, "Energy music that shields electromagnetic fields (EMFs)", what am I talking about !

Well, when I first came to know about this, I'm as astonished / curious / sceptical as you. By now, we all know that everything is energy, hence it should be possible for music to contain some form of energy that can shield against EMFs right ? But, how do we know that the music really does that, where is the proof ?

Before you start banging the table demanding for the proof, allow me to give you some background on this person known as Mark Romero. The following paragraphs are from Mark's perspective :

     "I was once invited to a lecture where Dr. Ronald Jones (Former Top-Consultant to NASA) was demonstrating how the things we use everyday were interrupting our personal energy, and causing tremendous stress, compromised physical energy, lower levels of health, and compromised brain functions.

Through demonstrations utilizing strength testing, muscle testing, range-of-motion, and applied kinesiology, I witnessed how these things such as cell phones, laptops, computers, and common chemicals were actually compromising our energy and making us weaker.

Halfway through their demonstrations, Dr. Jones asked me to come on and play some music. What happened next… changed my life forever. As soon as I began to play, I saw the audience’s physical energy instantly shift right before my eyes! Participants who were once weak from these interrupters were now instantly stronger and no longer affected when exposed to the same negative influences.

I went home not sure what I had experienced. I had no prior knowledge of quantum physics or looked at my own world beyond my physical senses.

A few weeks later, Dr. Jones called to inform me that they had completed a preliminary study of my music and found that it contained frequencies within it that actually null-and-voided the negative effects of these energy interrupters."

Quite fascinating right ? Wait, that is not all, the following 12 minutes video will demonstrate the music in action, enjoy !

So, how's the demonstration ? Are you convinced ? 
I did the test myself and achieved the same results, and yeah, my other normal music did not have such energy characteristics. I'm now listening to his music as I'm typing this blog entry. :-)

Besides shielding against EMFs, Mark's music also has the following benefit :
  • Heighten your creativity, intuition and sixth sense
  • Dramatically reduce your stress
  • Bring balance and harmony into your environment
  • Bring more health, wellness, and vitality to the body
  • Eliminate anxiety and expand the capacity for joy

So what are you waiting for ? Click HERE to enjoy the many benefit of Mark's music for you and your family Today !

To your health, abundance and infinite ability,

Writer: Ang Tze Wei

Facebook community: Uplift Your Vibrations

Disclaimer: The information presented represents the view of the writer as of the date of publication. The writer does not assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions.



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