Before I dive into the bolts and nuts of healing, allow me to extend on our understanding from ( What is Metaphysics ? ) that each atom has divine essence, all matters are divine and atoms are the building blocks of the universe. 

Moving electrons in atom create electricity and hence energy. Of course, what I have touched upon so far is way too simplified compared to the actual working mechanisms of an atom. However, my idea is to bring across the concepts of the fundamentals of life in layman terms so that everyone can understand. 

To link all the information so far, we know that atoms are the building blocks of the universe and moving electrons in an atom is a form of energy. Hence, all matter are simply energies. I shall be using the term energy from this point onwards in any future articles. Lastly, I will touch on the properties of energy before I move on to the concept of healing.

Properties of energy :
     - Energy can be transferred from one object to another.
     - Energy comes in many different forms, which can generally be divided into Potential or Kinetic energy.
     - Energy can be converted from any one of these forms into any other, and vice versa.
     - Energy is never created or destroyed.

Ok, finally, we have covered the basic essential groundwork required to continue our exploration. Now that we know everything is simply energy, hence, the dis-ease (not at ease) that we common know, e.g. flu, fever etc is simply energy that has been "distorted". So, the next question is, how do we heal those "distorted" energies? I covered one of the way in my ebook "My Self-Healing Experience" using energy chi ball and your mind to heal a slice of lemon. You can get your FREE copy when you sign up for my newsletter or purchase it from here if you want to encourage me to write more :-). The ebook will guide you step-by-step on how you can experience and perform healing yourself.

Since the healing method is already covered in my ebook, I shall not replicate the content here. So, what's the answer to the blog title "Can anyone perform healing ?" Well, I guess by now, you'll know with certainty that it is a big YES ! The next question that pops up may be, can I heal myself or someone else of ANY dis-ease including cancer

As with anything in life, unless you are born gifted with the healing touch, all of us have to practise regularly and increase our energy level gradually as illustrated clearly in the ebook where the chi gong master and cancer healer can perform healing at a much "higher" level.

If you are interested to further your healing knowledge or even become a healer, I have included some additional readings below for your reference.

To your health, abundance and infinite ability,

Writer: Ang Tze Wei

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