How well do we know people who are being labelled as "autistic" ? 

Did we shun from them ? Did we outcast them simply because we feel that they are ab-normal ?

Perhaps it's time we re-look into our misguided perception and travel into the inner world of "autistic" people and feel the world of their living.

The following 10 minutes video show how an "autistic" girl typed out and revealed her inner world and the reason for some of the actions she did, e.g. banging her head on the ground, not looking into the eyes of people etc.

I hope the video changes the way you perceive "autism" from now onwards and do help to spread the video so that more people are aware that "autistic" people are no different from any of us, especially to parents of "autistic" child that their precious child is born with a gift which our society has yet to understand fully.

To your health, abundance and infinite ability,

Writer: Ang Tze Wei

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